Apr 19, 2017

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Becoming a Music Student

baby playing with musical toy

Most people at some point in their lives have a desire to play music. A lot of us fantasize as children about being a musician and playing in front of a large crowd. So what happens if this desire to be musical continues for years? How do you go about learning the instrument of your choice?

There are a couple of roads you can take. Most schools have some form of music program that you can get involved with after class. They range anywhere from choir lessons, to orchestra music, to playing in a marching band. Any decent size high school football team has a marching band that you can join and pick from a wide variety of instruments to play.

When I was younger and wanted to learn the saxophone, I saved up all my money and bought a secondhand model from a pawnshop. Then I went to the local library and found a book on how to play the saxophone with accompanying workbooks to learn various songs and scales. I carved out a time during the week to practice in the basement where I wouldn’t bother anyone while I was learning. As time went on, I got better and better and was eventually able to join the school music program in the afternoon.

after school music program

Once there, I got more one on one supervision from a teacher. That was a great way to spend my afternoons. We played in some competitions, charity events, and even for church groups. One of my favorite events was playing at the Christmas tree lighting in my town every year. So my path was to pick the instrument of my choice and seek out literature to help me learn at my own pace. Once I was beyond the beginner phase, I was able to receive instruction from a qualified teacher.

Now there are other routes you could take. If you are really serious about music and want to make a career out of it, there are actual music majors in college where you can master your craft. You can go on to play in an orchestra, write and produce music, or even go back and teach.

So what if you are somewhere in the middle? You are more than a tinkerer, but you really don’t want to devote your entire life to music? Nowadays more than ever, there are a lot more resources for someone who wants to be a middle of the road musician. The Internet has thousands and thousands of websites that someone can go to to learn music from the ground up. One example is a site from drummer Jon Kois. He teaches online drum lessons for people at any level. His lessons go from the beginner all the way to the advanced participant.

There are many sites just like that one where you can learn to play the guitar, violin, trumpet, or any other instrument you like. So if your inkling to become a musician last more than a couple of years, you may want to think about getting started, and learning the instrument of your choice. You never know where that road will take you, but one thing is for sure, music enriches the lives of everyone it touches.